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Magic in the Classroom

Magic in the Classroom cover

Magic in the Classroom: Using Extraordinary Claims to Teach Critical Thinking edited by Robert Blaskiewicz, 2015.

James “The Amazing” Randi began as a magician and then used his skills and knowledge of the tools of deception to unmask charlatans and frauds as a second career. The institute that bears his name pursues that second line, and this free (but not public domain) ebook uses magic and illusion to help teach critical thinking.

This marks the beginning of Magic March here at The Tutoring Method. We’ll be sharing books related to doing magic, the history of magic, and also allow the student to explore past frauds and phonies, starting with Houdini’s work in exposing spiritualists and mediums.

In addition, here is a long and informative interview with James Randi himself, conducted at The Magic Castle:


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