Read a Book, Write an Essay

The Tutoring Method


Why do you misspell “book”?

For branding, obviously.

Okay, wise guy, I’ll restate it: Why do you misspell “book” as “buke”? Does it have any significance?

It’s just kind of a long-time private joke. It comes from the Beatles movie A Hard Day’s Night, when Ringo is mocked for always reading (Anatomy of a Murder), and he replies, in his classic Liverpudlian accent: “Bukes are gude!” Ever since seeing that movie in university, any time I move, my boxes of books are labeled “bukes”.

Where’s the curriculum?

There really isn’t one. One of the key features of the tutoring method is how open-ended it is. Your child might read up on Napoleon (and an untold number of related topics) for months on end, and then switch to the history of mathematics. If he is reading a book a day, and writing an essay a day, and thinking critically every single day about what he is reading and writing about, he is learning so many things they almost cannot be counted, and will command the topics he is covering better than any schoolteacher he is likely to meet. The curriculum is set by your child, and by you, the parent (or tutor). This is education, not indoctrination.

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